Postgraduate Programmes

Daito Bunka University sets 7 postgraduate departments and 1 law school. The mission of the 7 graduate departments is to broadly contribute the development of society through practical researches about social issues. To achieve our mission, the graduate departments have a wide range of original courses and offer proper environment for your study. The high-quality lecturers, who are choosen in and out of Japan, always supervise and assist your study. The DBU’s graduate school is the best place to analyse and improve yourself.

The 6 departments except the department of Sports Science offer master’s and doctoral courses.


The 7 postgraduate departments are:

The Department of Literature (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Economics (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Law (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Foreign Language (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Asian Studies (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Business Administration (Master’s and Doctoral programmes)

The Department of Sports Science (Master’s programme)


For further information, please phone the graduate school office.

Daito Bunka University Graduate School Office

9-1 Takashimadaira 1 Chome Itabashi-ku Tokyo, Japan

Phone: 81-(0)3-5399-7344