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Why study at Daito?

Daito Bunka University (DBU) founded in 1923 is a Japanese private university with 8 faculties. There are 19 departments from literature to politics under the faculties and 15 postgraduate courses. The campuses are located in Itabashi (Tokyo) and Higashimatsuyama (Saitama).

About 13,000 students are studying their own subjects in various courses offered by DBU. Many teaching staff of DBU are highly qualified not only as an academician but also as an educator and students can learn the front line of current issues under superb professionals.

The DBU’s motto is “the cultural fusion of east and west”. DBU’s academic members always research social issues from interdisciplinary approaches and attempt to suggest new remedies beyond existing measures. DBU aims at the most muti-cultural university, which welcomes and respects cultural heterogeneity, in Japan. DBU believes that cultural heterogeneity creates ‘aufheben (transcend)’ for the resolutions of social issues and accepts international students all over the world.

Datio Bunka University always welcomes your challenge and passion to find out something new.

For international students

Undergraduate programmes

Postgraduate programmes

To visiti DBU’s official website (English version), please click the logo below.


* I would like to express my gratitude to the DBU’s PR section, which allowed me to use the campus photos.