The Department of Law (Master’s and Doctoral Programmes)

The Department of Law has two programmes: Master’s programme and Doctoral programme. Each programme is, furthermore, divided into two courses; Legal study course and Political science course.

The Legal study course offers you theoretical and practical units relating to public law, civil law, and international law. Well-trained professors not only from academic fields but also from practical legal specialists such as a lawer and a solicitor teach their rich knowledge to post graduate students. The course will be very beneficial for students who attempt to become a legal specialists.

The political science course teaches students not merely political theories and thoughts but also various methods to analyse social issues such as social policies, terrorism, ethnic or religious conflics, and climate change.

In Master’s programme of the political science course, furthermore, some professors who have taken Ph.D in foreign univesity carry out English lectures for the students.


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Politics, Political History of Japan, Japanese Political Thought, Chinese Political Thought, Political History of Europe, European Political Thought, Political History of Russia and Soviet Union, International Poltics, International Relations, Political Process, Public Administration, Public Policy, Current Local Politics, Political Culture